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Jan 6, 2013 4:00pm PST
think we are ready for very, very nice adventure in the future. >> you announced a joint screen chur with youths to boost selling. how important is technology given the fact that such an important customer is this young person who is savvy with technology? >> for me being on line is part of the reality of every brand inside ppr. we need to have perfect e-commerce activity to make sure that the basic e-commerce functions are at the right level. but this is not enough to differentiate yourself from the other mainstream brands. so the next step would be even more important. >> fashion designer alexander wang, named creative director recently. this is a 100-year-old high-end fashion house. does appointing a young american designer as the head mean you're stable brands is shifting? >> no, the brand is not shifting. the designer is shifting. and i like the wang which is amazing, this young guy, he's so talented and did such a wonderful job in building his own brand here in america. international brand now. now that he wants to express his talent, also, in another dimension, which is very h
Jan 24, 2013 1:00pm PST
anything. >> good afternoon chair chur and members of the committee. supervisor campos did actually go over the scope that we have introduced in the motion. it's a very broad scope. at the scope that would be like any initiative of any audit. we conduct a risk assessment, where we would carefully define the scope and narrow it to what we consider the most critical areas. a couple of points about this audit. this is a hud-funded agency, not funded by the city. we have met with the government relations officer from the housing authority and discuss our working relationship. he did provide us with a copy of the information request provided by hud. we talked about what the hud scope would be so we would be able to work cooperatively and make sure we are making the best use of resources in terms of conducting the audit. we have already begun that discussion, although abortion is not the best. >> supervisor campos: ms. campbell forgot to brought this, and glad that you brought it up. housing authority staff has been very helpful and willing to work with the budget and legislative analyst. i wa
Jan 30, 2013 4:30am EST
in australia. howling winds and heavy rains churred up the sea near the coast coast causing sea foam to wash up on the beaches. it's created by impurities churned up together by powerful currents which causes the water to form bubbles. it looks fun but then you hear impurities and i don't know. >> a little gross. >> yeah. >> i will stand back and watch and look at that. that's not too good. let's talk about what's not to good for us at home. we have the potential for severe weather. as we look back off towards the west, we see a long line of strong thunderstorms moving across the area. and this is moving towards us as we go through the rest of today. but right now, the only thing we are dealing with is patchy fog once again like yesterday. we have lots of clouds around and temperatures are on the mild side. but what we have in place is that mild air ahead of that cold front. behind that cold front, we have colder air mixing in and we are going to see the potential for some severe weather. we are talking about damaging winds as we go through the evening time frame. and also maybe even hail with
Jan 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
on strike, we're not going to protect you unless you the public through your legislation chur do what's required to keep us safe. police officers want to go home to their families. and we're doing everything we can to make their job for difficult but more importantly, more dangerous by leaving guns in the hands of people who shouldn't have them. >> parents reaction to an extraordinary new video from the night of the shooting. a prime time shooting in just a moment. from everything that you have seen, that you have read, that you've heard, what do you believe is the most likely set of circumstances that led to your son being killed? >> i believe that george zimmer manhunted my son like an animal, tried to detain my son. my son tried to get away. and because he could not detain my son an altercation ensued and my son was shot and called. >> when we reverse the situation and it was your brother who had been gunned down in the exact same set of circumstances and the worst that had happened as far as his behavior was that he had been followed and he got into an altercation and he was unarm
Jan 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
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Jan 30, 2013 4:00am EST
the country entered recession. under terms, if the bank loses a case, it must pay back the chur the share value -- the customer the share value plus interest. it will be overseen by the bank of spain and stock market regulator. >>> friday i spoke with the finance minister from davos. and i asked him whether there was any truth to report that the government was considering using public money to cover losses, some of the losses incurred by private investors in bank here. this is what he had to say. >> we have a roadmap that has been agreed with the competition in brussels. and while we are following the different milestones, we have injected almost 18 million euros. we have transferred a lot of toxic assets to the bank and that was incorporated two months ago. i think that this is going to continue. we are going to carry out a process of reduction of capital. to see inject the final amount of money. >> founding partner at macro strategy partners, james, good to see you. they will delay plans. when the spanish economy is declining and citi forecasts seeing total debt-to-gdp will go to 120% d
Jan 28, 2013 7:00am PST
connect chur, dates -- architecture dates back late 1700, 1800s. >> reporter: beautiful. we're gonna come back with jamie in a second. but the 49ers arrived back here in town last night. if it's hit you home that you are at the super bowl, it hit davis hard when he came up to the hotel and saw a bigger-than- life panorama of himself. he was taken aback. >> colin plays outstanding. he deserves a credit amount of credit for that. he, like the rest of the guys on the team, are focused on the opportunity to play and win a championship. it's a team effort. feel like there's a lot of people that have a lot of fingerprints on this team's success. the team has been focused on the unity of the team and winning, better than any other team i've ever seen or been around. >> reporter: that was jim harbaugh talking about the midseason transition of the quarterbacks. this will be our final hit for this morning. jamie, what are we seeing? >> we're on royal street now which is the mecca for art galleries and antique shops in the city. it will start booming later on today. they will have live music in the
Jan 31, 2013 7:00am PST
the seat chur of counterfeit goods. it's called "operation red zone." it, tad warehouses, stores, flea markets and on-line vendors and other souvenirs. 160,000 different counterfeit nfl items were seized in recent weeks. all of this adding up to a total worth $13.6 million. >> we're out there. this is a full-on fight. we're gonna stay at it and put people in jail and take websites and take people's illegal profits and make sure that this is all protected as much as possibly can be done. >> reporter: the director also talked about fake websites that are selling counterfeit merchandise online and how difficult it can be for some consumers to tell the difference between a legitimate website selling authorized nfl items and a fake website. he said that many of these fake websites are operated overseas. but look remarkably similar to the legitimate website. so buyer beware. you should do research, especially -- you can see pictures of some of the legitimate and wake websites side by side and you can see how difficult it can be to tell the difference between real moisture material and fake c
Jan 4, 2013 7:00am PST
that killed a 91-year-old woman in a mobile home. the flames erupted yesterday afternoon at the lee chur lake mobile home park. that -- lee sure lake mobile home park -- leisure lake mobile home park. fire crews want to know if that home had a working smoke detector. the woman was found dead in the home. >>> several christmas tree tree fires kept -- tree fires kept firefighters busy in the street. out at ocean beach, law enforcement patrols will increase because of the annual illegal tradition of burning christmas trees on the beach. in san francisco, you can legally put your tree outside on your regular trash collection day. >>> crews in berkeley are investigating the cause of a water main break. it happened on dwight way around 6:00 last night. workers shut down the main, cutting off water to about 16 homes overnight. an underground pipe flooded part of the road but no damage was caused to any nearby homes. >>> 8:32. well, today the legendary head football coach will make a big announcement. bribe flores is live in concord where the coach could retire after 34 big seasons. this is a big st
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am PST
leaders say their goal was to free hostages and and chur twists -- terrorists -- and capture terrorists. the terrorist claim that number includes about five americans. the state department would not confirm any of these details. we also expect to hear from them who managed to escape yesterday's assault. now, leon panetta was in london when he got word of the deadly assault. what he is saying about the terrorists -- next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and the chaos in north africa is causing oil prices to go up and hit a four-month high. 94.49 a barrel. >> the price of the barrel of crude rose 1.25. now, bp and other energy companies say they are trying to make sure that other workers in the region remain safe. >>> according a -- according to a new toll, the nra is more popular in the u.s. than the entertainment industry. the poll by the "washington post" showed that 41% of americans sees the nra in a positive life as opposed to 34%. >>> gun sales are surging nationwide. some gun stores are running out of military-style assault weapons. since the current debate, many gun storeow
Jan 27, 2013 9:00am PST
today. the democrats need to show respect for people who own guns the call chur around owning guns and the argument is they show respect for the gun owner unless the first place to help convince them to accept background checks, an assault weapons ban. you are trying to appeal and make sure gun owners are part of the conversation. wayne la pierre is an important voice for gun owners in the country. he may say controversial things. we saw him say some extremely controversial things. but having him at the table lending credibility and that's what they are thinking when they invite him to a session like this. >> it is an idea of you just let them speak. if you let -- in some instances, some of the ideas doesn't sound reasonable. do you think that maybe part of the plan to give him a huge platform with some folks like la pierre, like the press conference he had a couple of weeks ago. people are scratching their heads. >> this is where the head of the nra did not take questions an he will have to face senators who are opposed to what he stands for in terms of gun control. it is importan
Jan 7, 2013 7:00am PST
on the stand. that's a depoor chur from what we -- departure from what we usually see. legal observers here say this is probably the first big step, the first indication that the defense team is going to seek an insanity defense and the expectation is she witnesses will start to talk about erratic behavior, odd behavior by james holmes. now, you mentioned this is a very important hearing. the judge, in fact, has set aside the entire week also very different. usually preliminary hearings last -- last less than an hour. he's also held over the largest courtroom available to him in the courthouse. in addition to that, there are two overflow crooms as well. there is a -- courtrooms as well. there's also a tremendous amount of security here at the arapahoe county justice center. there are snipers that they have on the rooftops in addition to security on the ground. this entire situation has been very intense from the beginning, including all of the coverage from this very important preliminary hearing. i should also mention that there's also the possibility that at any moment there could be a plea a
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)